BuyBackWorld Certified Pre-Owned Products

Front / Rear Cameras Both cameras are fully functional and capture true images which are clear without any issues. Autofocus, flash and video recording is smooth.
Ear Speaker Earpiece audio is not cracking or distorted
Clear for Activation You can connect your device on your network and make and take calls with no issues
Power Button The button is not jammed or stuck and powers the device on and off normally
Touchscreen The screen is completely responsive and is not cracked, damaged or malfunctioning. There are no dead pixels or blotches on the LCD and the backlight is bright.
Silent Toggle The silent button mutes the device and doesn't get stuck
Volume Buttons Both volume buttons work and are fully responsive.
Battery The battery is able to take a charge and hold a charge without any issues
Sim Cards You can insert your SIM Card and connect to your carrier
Water Damage The device is not water damaged
Restored The device is fully reset and restored to factory settings just like a device you would buy from the store
Web & Data You can surf the web, use GPS and text with friends
Home Button The home button operates smoothly and is fully functional
Charging Port The device charges normally and passes data via USB when connected to a computer
Microphone The mic records clearly and your voice commands work
Headphone Jack You can plug in a pair of headphones and hear audio with no issues
Loudspeaker The loudspeaker works so you can hear audio and use your speakerphone

We've Bought and Sold Hundreds of Thousands of Devices. Only the Best of the Best Reach Our "Certified Pre-Owned" Pedigree.

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