Flip Phones & Basic Phones

Smartphones aren't for everyone.  Flip phones offer the basic features of talk and text without the big touch screens or complicated apps.  BuyBackWorld has you covered by offering basic cell phones at low prices.  You'll get a great deal on new, used, or refurbished phones when you shop online at the BuyBackWorld store.  Our simple phones are sold with no contracts or strings attached.  Simply choose the device that is compatible with your wireless carrier and activate it on your current plan.  

Unlocked flip phones will work on GSM networks that utilize a GSM sim card such as AT&T, Cricket, T-Mobile, Metro PCS, and H2O Wireless.  You will need to obtain the sim card directly from your wireless network operator. We also offer cell phones that are provisioned for use on specific carriers only such as Verizon and Sprint.  Most major carriers now support BYOD programs (Bring Your Own Device).  Basic flip phones typically only require a voice and text plan for calling rather than an expensive internet data plan.